About EZ Aerosol

Our Story

EZ Aerosol Filling Machines (formerly Staley Enterprise) was founded in 1985 by Preston Staley after spending more than twenty years with the Sherwin-Williams Company, the last several of which he served as the National Sales Manager for Chemical Coolings Division.

Preston recognized a market need for a small, fast-response company to supply commercial and industrial customers with touch-up paints to match OEM finishes in an aerosol. Larger aerosol suppliers had too much overhead and infrastructure to be able to supply small amounts of aerosol quickly and affordably. At the time, aerosol machines were too expensive and complicated to use. So, with that goal in mind of supplying that market niche, Preston started working with machinists and engineers to create EZ Aerosol Machines.

Today, EZ Aerosol Machines are distributed by Custom Aerosol Products, Inc. which is owned by Clint Hooper. The Customer Aerosol Products team looks forward to working with you and helping solve your aerosol needs, regardless in they’re large or small.

A credit application must be completed, submitted and approved prior to Custom Aerosol shipping on open account. For a copy of our credit application, please print and complete the form found here, sign it, and then FAX it back to us at (972) 382-4324 or email it to Clint Hooper. Your request will be processed quickly and the information you provide will be held in strictest confidence.