Why EZ Aerosol?

See Why EZ Aerosol Fillings Systems are the Best!

See why EZ Aerosol Filling Sytems are the best and most efficient aerosol can filling systems in the world.

Universal Water Blend. Better Filling Mechanism. Better Spraying Mechanism.

We offer a specialized blend of water, solvents, propellants, and proprietary ingredients which can be used to aerosolize most latex, waterborne and water reducible paints. Low odor and non-flammable, this is a convenient way to create small quantities of hard-to-find colors. Provide added value to your customers with this unique product. A must have for paint professionals!

Suggested Uses:

  • Aerosolize Custom Matched Colors
  • Quickly Touch Up Damaged Areas
  • Indoor Moldings and Trim
  • Home Decorating
  • Safety Maintenance
  • Crafts


The ideal solution for aerosolizing two component paints (like epoxies and urethanes.) After pumping the paint into aerosol cans, the catalyst can be added in the correct amount using the ZIP-2000.

The Best Aerosol Can Filling System

EZ Aerosol Filling Systems provide automatic and manual aerosol can filling pumps for those customers wanting to fill their aerosol cans themselves. The automatic system is designed to work at the touch of a button – just set the dial to the desired amount of paint for the can, push the button and the pump does the work. If you have smaller quantities of cans to fill, then a manual pump system is available. Both systems are quick, clean and simple to use.

Spray cans themselves are really very simple. Starting at the bottom of the can, they are filled with paint (A), propellant and solvent (B), “head space” for the propellant to exist as a gas (C), and the spray valve (D). Custom Aerosol offers pre-charged cans containing propellant and solvent; you then add the paint and you are ready to go!

Our cans feature an inner valve specially designed to prevent clogging even when using very thick paints like primers. Our spray tip produces a fan spray pattern which applies the paint in a very even manner.

Our cans are available in the standard 16 fluid ounce (11 oz. net weight) size or a smaller 6 fluid ounce (4 oz. net weight) size).

Take advantage of these key benefits by owning and using your own aerosol can filling system:

  • Two pump options- The easy-to-use automatic system or the convenient manual pump for smaller requirements.
  • Two can sizes- Choose from the standard 16 fluid ounce can or the smaller 6 fluid ounce can.
  • Spray tip- The fan spray pattern provides a quicker and more even application of paint, and the superior valve insures less spray tip clogging.
  • Better solvent blends- Our pre-charged cans are compatible with almost every fast-dry coating (acrylics, lacquers, vinyl and enamels).